All three facilities are also open to non-members.

All three facilities are also open to non-members.

All three facilities are also open to non-members.

Hippies crossed with stray metrosexuals – shocking … We demand a power word from the Queen and a return to the traditional values ​​of the Empire. Vintage, classic, quality. Otherwise no man can go to the Ritz for five o’clock tea. You can see a number of examples of the flashy mods-punk-dandy style in our photo show.

Men don’t have it easy: They work hard all year round, rush from one meeting to the next, and are the perfect lover or husband at home too. There you have earned a break all by yourself. Time among their own kind. The world’s most popular hotel booking portal,, has a few tips for the perfect vacation among men – for men with a thirst for beer, a playful instinct and a hunting instinct.

Men’s vacation
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Are you looking for absolute deep relaxation in one of the least populated countries in Europe and want to finally live out your hunting instinct? Then Latvia offers its tourists the perfect opportunity to hunt elk, wolves, lynxes or martens. Latvian hunters target wild boars in particular. The season for this starts on May 1st and ends on January 31st. However, the mild Baltic Sea climate enables hunting experiences all year round: it is best for men to lie in wait in the late evening hours or at night in the pastures. The Latvijas Safari Club in Riga specializes in hunting tours for tourists. Those who prefer to relax a bit after a sleepless night of stalking should check into the Wellton Hotel Old Riga Palace on the Daugavas river. But remember with your basic instinct as a hunter-gatherer, hunting is not about trophies or just shooting. >>

Hunting is responsible handling of the game. In the summer, a trip to Jurmala is a good idea – you can continue the hunt for two-legged Latvian women on the wonderful Baltic Sea Riviera or in the hot nightlife.

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For men who are thirsty for beer

Beer is a must anyway, you will find a particularly large number of fine varieties in Belgium. In the capital Brussels, however, you will find more than just the hops brew: sights such as the royal castle, Manneken Pis and the Atomium also invite you to stroll. In beer bars like Chez Moeder Lambic, thirsty men can test their way through 400 different types of beer. The "Mort Subite" translated "The quick death" is very popular as a beer and club of the same name, especially with locals. Anyone who wants to try the cool blonde on site and learn more about the history of beer should visit the Musée de la Bruxellois Gueuze, right next to the famous Cantillon brewery. A men’s tour is recommended during the Belgian Beer Weekend in early September.

The Dominican Hotel is well located on the Grand Place of the Belgian capital.

Scotland: For men with handicaps The golf course is and will remain a large, green men’s playground. Relax on a top green – a real man’s dream for stressed managers and this is where the really important contacts with like-minded people and business partners are deepened and established. Scotland, the home of golf, with over 570 golf clubs ensures that men with low handicaps will never get bored. The Gray Walls Hotel offers a very special place & Chez Roux: The club has hosted the prestigious British Open no less than 15 times, it is located in a spectacular old brick building close to the Muirfield, Gullane and Luffness New golf courses and is only half an hour from Edinburgh. All three facilities are also open to non-members. Paris: For men with a gambling instinct Do you think gambling in Las Vegas is the best thing? But everyone tries their luck here. There are also a large number of casinos in France and a very special one opened its doors in Paris 100 years ago for men who wanted to try their luck. Initially a secret club for pilots by pilots, the Aviation Club de Paris was the first club to have its own poker room. In the 1960s, the location was one of the hippest in town. Today the casino is one of the most famous poker sites in the world and is the venue for the renowned World Poker Tour. If you want to see the historic club up close, you should book into the Radisson Blu Hotel Champs Elysées, just a few blocks away and in the heart of the most famous street in Paris, the Champs Elysées. Iceland: For men who are looking for peace and quiet

It continues to quieter areas where the man can find his way back to nature

and can catch his own food. Iceland is absolutely worth experiencing. The volcanoes boil here, on the island state you can experience geysers – these are fountains that arise from hot springs – up close. The Blue Lagoon – a thermal bath with temperatures of up to 42 degrees – is also fun in winter. In addition to these natural wonders, Iceland also offers the best place for fly fishing all year round. If you want to catch wild salmon, you should enjoy the tranquility of the Midfjardara, a 115 kilometer long river, with fishing rod. A stone’s throw from the river is the Hótel Varmahlíð – a simple but charming hotel on the north coast.

England: For men with solidarity A game normally only lasts 90 minutes, but the passion for this sport goes much deeper and lasts a lifetime. Nowhere is the passion raging hotter than in the industrial metropolis of Manchester at the local derby United against City. The first option is on September 22nd at the Etihad Stadium, which is the second largest stadium in the region after Old Trafford. The centrally located hotel Mercure Manchester Piccadilly is only ten minutes’ drive from the stadium. The Green Hell: Home leave for men with speed

But you can also relax at home: the Nürburgring offers the perfect trip for everyone who likes it fast. Opened in 1927, the track is not only used as an arena for Formula 1 or as a test track for car manufacturers. Hobby racers and guys who have gasoline flowing through their veins are allowed in the "green hell" compare with the best of the best. The Nordschleife, the oldest part of the circuit, owes its name to Jackie Stewart, who won three times at the ring. During organized day trips, backstage visits or a training package, men get a taste of racing drivers. People with lead feet should go to the Lindner Congress right next door & Book a motorsport hotel. So you see: you are spoiled for choice, there are plenty of interesting vacations. All hotels can be found on the home page.

Mauritius’ little sister is an island with simple guest houses, a thousand turtles and a prison that closes on weekends. The small island of Rodrigues in the middle of the Indian Ocean, a good 600 kilometers east of the luxurious sister island, sleeps like Sleeping Beauty, which is still waiting for its prince. "Mauritius like 30 years ago" say the Mauritians longingly. "A paradise of peace and serenity" say the newcomers. "A cool island" says Christopher.

Island dreams on Rodrigues
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It’s raining. A fine mist continuously falls over the small wooden boat that chugs over the green shimmering water of the lagoon – far away the palm island of Ile aux Cocos beckons. In the front, Christopher stands with his legs apart and grins as the passengers open their umbrellas, which were supposed to protect against the sun. "We love the rain" he says in his soft, friendly voice, "he keeps Rodrigues alive. Some even pray for a cyclone just for the rain to come."Christopher, the 33-year-old Rodrigan who, like his father, drives visitors to the offshore Ile aux Cocos, would not want to live anywhere else in the world than on the long-forgotten island with its tropical green hills in the center, the barren coastline and the lagoon which stretches for miles in the north and west to the reef against which the waves of the Indian Ocean beat furiously. >>

The lagoon envelops the patch of volcanic earth like shimmering jade. When the ocean retreats over the reef edge at low tide, it is time for the Rodrigans to go out to sea. The men get the fish out of the water with nets or nylon strings, the women hunt squid.

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Even before sunrise, they set out in their colorful clothes, past papaya and banana gardens, and then wade into the water in rubber boots. They pierce the coral caves with metal spears in the hope of catching one of the porcelain-colored octopus. "In the time of our fathers" tells Christopher, "the lagoon was like a pot full of fish." But those years are over – too many fish and octopuses have been brought out of the lagoon. The government has now issued a fishing ban at certain times and in some places – it did little to help. For the people here, fishing is a natural right. >>

"We don’t go fishing in the open sea" says Christopher, "because we Rodrigans cannot swim."

It is not the first time that Rodrigues people have grasped too greedily for the treasures of nature. "There are many tortoises on the island, sometimes 2000 to 3000 in one place. You could walk over their tanks without touching the ground" reported François Legat, who landed on the island with seven men in 1691 and lived there for two years as if in paradise until the men got tired of being alone and sailed to Mauritius in search of women. From then on, the turtles served as dinner for centuries until the last one landed on the table. After all, thanks to Legate’s records, we know today about the natural wealth of that time and would like to revive part of it. The François Leguat Giant Tortoise & Cave nature reserve in the south of Rodrigues has brought the huge armored animals from Mauritius and now has more than 1000 turtles. The venerable old people are crowd pullers. When Matt, who weighs 240 kilograms and is 98 years old, gets up, pushes his wrinkled head out of the tank and drags himself to his companion Foitidia, who is more than a hundred years old, then the cameras click and the parents can let the little ones ride the animals .

Here hectic and stress are frowned upon

The nature reserve, so its director Aurèle André hopes, could in the future become an important point of attraction for tourists who want to escape the hectic life on Mauritius and Réunion for a few days. Around 50,000 visitors come to Rodrigues every year – including around 350 Germans. If you land on Rodrigues, you leave the stressed and busy world behind. Hustle and bustle is frowned upon by the islanders. If you leave the house, you have to plan time for a chat or even a spontaneous invitation to lunch. There are five doctors on the island, two pharmacies, a gas station – no traffic lights. There are currently eleven inmates in the prison – the door is open and the guards are playing cards with the prisoners, it is said.

At times, the prison was even closed on weekends and the prisoners had to go home on Friday.

The luxury of freedom and enjoyment

You won’t find any luxury resorts like in Mauritius on Rodrigues.

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